Advanced Musculoskeletal Training
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A quote from Dr. Howard Dananberg (from a lecture in London 2007 for Vasyli). "I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Conneely from Australia who is one of the best manipulators I have ever met, he is amazing with the amount of force, like (clicks fingers), like you almost don't feel it, incredible."

Advanced Musculoskeletal Training or 'musmed', is a comprehensive teaching programme that covers all aspects of the evaluation and treatment for painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Conneely (founder) graduated from Sydney University in 1973 with degrees in medicine and surgery. He later graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Maters degree in Pain Medicine and from the Flinders University of South Australia a degree in MusculoSkeletal Medicine.

Dr. Conneely commenced teaching 'musmed' in 1995. Since 1995 he has introduced new and productive treatment methods to over 6700 therapists in all states of Australia and overseas.
There are 8 two-day Workshops and several three-day Workshops that cover the entire musculoskeletal system. These Workshops cover common complaints from patients that are from the general public to sports persons (including the elite sports person).

Each Workshop is based on explanation of a particular dysfunction, methods of evaluation for that dysfunction followed by demonstration of how to find and treat that dysfunction. The participants then follow the same steps while being observed by a team of trained assistants.

The Workshops are complemented by concise detailed notes including many handouts with diagrams and treatment charts.

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