Quotes from the 16 participants to the Podiatric Workshop held in the Southern General Hospital, Govan Road, Glasgow, January 2005.

The 4-day Workshop was conducted by Dr. Paul Conneely and Mr. Shane Toohey. 

David McKenchie, podiatrist from Hull stated; “I have been looking for biomechanics workshop for 4 years and this is definitely it. I give it a 9 out of 10”.

David Mckechnie BSc(Hons) Pod Mchs SRch. Senior Podiatrist and Muscular Skeletal Podiatrist.


Mr. Ian Baxter-Wild, a podiatric surgeon. When he asked what he found most interesting he said, “The distance the talus actually moves when the joint has been mobilised using such small forces”.

“The mobilisation and manipulation was amazing in that it has totally changed the way that I stand and walk. I do not stand hyperextended at the knees anymore and standing around is not as tiring on my lower back. I can also squat down almost to the ground now, where before I could only bend a few inches at the knee. This technique will be of great benefit to many of my patients and I cannot wait to get out there and do it!”

See Patient number 5 for changes.

“I must commend on the content of the course was excellent with no other course offering and showing these techniques.”

“There are no other courses in GB that offer education of these types of techniques. Valuable knowledge.”

Nikky Beet, podiatrist from Blackpool wrote: “Best course I’ve been on since qualified in Podiatry in 1998.

Its great to have learnt hands-on skills so as to give patients instant pain relief. Also have mobilisation has totally made me rethink podiatry in clinical practice. I’m looking forward to practicing on other colleagues (+ the manager if poss!) ready to be familiar in clinic.

Looking forward to the trigger point course to help compliment what we have learnt on this course.

Thank you for coming over all that way because we can’t get courses like this!”

“Excellent stuff! Thank you Paul & Shane. See you at the dry needling course. Nice group size so that everyone was attended to. Relaxed teaching style. Cheers

This course is filling a much-needed niche in the musculoskeletal knowledge required by podiatrists, whether treating sports injury patients or routine day-to-ay case loads. The educator is well versed in his application and has a sound base of knowledge which is further enhanced by his dedication and enthusiasm”.


“Good to learn some new treatment methods that I am looking forward to putting into practice”.


“I found this course highly informative and learned a lot that will assist me in my practice and very much diversify the type of treatment I administer. The place of teaching was great”.


“The size of the group helped. Often there are too many people to fell comfortable asking questions. The way each mobilisation was taken in turn slowly and precisely made it clearer to see what was occurring. Very keen to get started and feel I’m able to access the web site and others on ‘group’ for advice”.

“It was good to attend a training event which had a related but mixed topic base so as to develop a variety of related skills. It does see that aspects of the course were limited (i.e. weren’t able to do) due to ‘red tape’ applied by the Society – I refer particularly to acupuncture rules. But maybe this is best left for another day!”