The Talus Biomechanics Workshop Contents:

This workshop will change the way you work forever!

1.        The Talus                                                                                                                  
2.        The six joint motions
3.        The ligaments of the ankle
4.        The Subtalar joint
5.        How the foot works
6.        The functional medial and lateral foot.
7.        How to mobilise the inferior Tibio-fibular Joint.
8.        How to check Talus motion
9.        Talocalcaneal Joint.
10.      Mobilisation of the ankle and foot.
11.      The Superior tibiofibular joint
The concept of loose pack- how it works to reduce the effort needed to mobilise a joint.
13.      Mobilisation of the Midfoot joints- each is mobilised individually. how to find these joints and correct them
14.      Navicular Mobilisation Technique
15.      Mobilisation Technique for the Cuboid Bone-made simple

Lawrence Jones' strain Counter strain.
16.       Jones Points to the soles of the foot-
17.       Tender points around the Talus Area, Lateral Calcaneal Area and the Medial Calcaneal Area.
18.       Jones Tender Point to the Patella
19.       Jones Tender Point to the Medial Hamstring
20.       Jones Tender Point to the sesamoid

21. Plantar flexed first ray. What causes it and how to detect it.
22. The popliteus and what problems it causes. How to detect dysfunction and how to correct it. -You will amazed at how strong the muscle is!

Prior to the workshop we will take many measurements. These include: Posture-using a plum bob; scapula distance; cervical rotation; hip internal rotation; hip external rotation; hamstring length; passive dorsiflexion and shoulder abduction pressure.

After the completion of the talus component of the workshop we repeat these measurements and discuss their changes- many hard to believe changes occur simply by mobilising the feet. you will mobilise feet forever!