Rib Cage Workshop Contents           

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1. Atypical Ribs. 
2.Typical or True Ribs.   3. Diaphragm.  4. Thoracic Cage Examination.  5. Pump Handle Motion. 6. Bucket Handle Motion.  7. Caliper Rib Motion.  8. Rib Dysfunction:Respiratory Restriction. 9.  Rib Dysfunction - Structural Restriction.                           10. How to Diagnose Rib Dysfunctions.  11. Examination of the Anterior Chest Wall.  12 Examination of the Posterior Chest Wall.         13. Red Reflex. Diagnosis and Interpret. 14  How to find the 11th and 12th Ribs.  15. Diagnosis of Respiratory Motion.  16. Evaluation of the Upper Rib Cage.  17. Evaluation of the Lower Rib Cage. 18. Key Rib Finding the Key Rib in Exhalation. 19.Rib Cage Dysfunction. 20. Evaluation of the 11th and 12th ribs.  21.Rib Cage Contour Examination.  22. Anterior Rib Cage Examination - Seated Position.  23.Posterior Rib Cage Examination - Seated Position. 24.How to find Structural Ribs. 25.Principles of an Inspiratory Rib Dysfunction and Correction. 26.Correction Technique for ribs 1&2.  27.Correction Technique for ribs 3, 4 &5. 28. Correction Technique for ribs 6, 7, 8 & 9.  29. Correction of Exhalation restriction using MET. 30. Correction of Exhalation Rib Dysfunction.    31. Correction of ribs 11 & 12 with Exhalation Restriction. 32.Correction of ribs 11 & 12 with Inhalation Restriction. 33. Exhalation Restriction of the 1st. Rib. 34. Correction of a Pump Handle Exhalation Restriction of the 1st. Rib. 35. Correction of a Bucket Handle 36. Exhalation Restriction of the 1st. Rib. 37.Posterior Subluxation Correction using MET. 38.MET Means: Muscle Energy Technique. 39.Correction of a Posterior Structural Rib using MET. 39.Correction of an Anterior Structural Rib using MET. 40.Superior Subluxation of the 1st Rib. Diagnosis and Correction. 41.Rib Torsion. 42. Structural Rib dysfunction diagnosis and Correction using MET.  43. Diagnosis of a Torsioned Rib.   44. Corrective Technique for an Externally Torsioned Rib using MET. 45. Corrective Technique for an Internally Torsioned Rib using MET. 46.Anterior/Posterior Compression of the Ribs. Diagnosis and Correction using MET. 47. Laterally Flexed Ribs.                                    This Workshop is contained in a 96 page Workbook.     notes are sent in PDF format on receipt of monies