advanced musculoskeletal training


Contents of The Pelvis and Sacrum Workshop.

1. The Pelvis. 3. Integrity of the Pelvis. 5. The Ligaments. 6. The Muscles. 7. Diagram of the Pelvis and Sacrum. 8. Sacral Motion. 9. Types of Pelvis. 9. Axes of Sacral Motion. 10. Diagram of the muscles of the Hip. 11. Pelvic Motion. 12. Ilio-Sacral Motion. 14. Sacro-Iliac Motion. 15. Sacral Axis of Motion. 17. Lumbo-Sacral Axis of Motion. 18. Pelvic Examination. 20. Finding the High Ilium. 22. Standing Sidebending. 23. Greater Trochanter Height in Standing. 24. Finding the PSIS. 25. Standing Flexion Test.26. Stork Test. 27. The Upslip. 28. How to detect an Upslip. 39. Correcting an Upslip. 32. Finding the ASIS. 33. Anterior Rotation of the Ilium or Innominate. 34. Posterior Rotation of the Innominate. 35. Which PSIS is Posterior. 36. Which ASIS is Anterior. 37. Seated Ilial Heights. 38. PSIS Examination in the Seated Position. 39. Forward Seated Flexion Test. 40. Lumbar Rotations in Flexion. 41. Pubic Ramus Height Comparison. 43. Pelvic Spring Test. 44. Lumbar Spring Test. 45. The Deep Sulcus. 46. Prone Deep Sulcus. 47. The Inferior Lateral Angle. k/a ILA. 48. ILA Examination in the Prone Extended Position. 49. Prone Extension Lumbar Rotation.

50. Corrections of the Pelvis. 51. Course Pelvic Corrections. 52. What Findings Mean. 53. Correction of an Anterior Innominate Rotation. 55. Correction of a Posterior Innominate Rotation. 57. Pubic Ramus held High on the LEFT Side.59. Pubic Ramus held High on the RIGHT Side. 61. Pubic Ramus held Low on the LEFT Side. 63. Pubic Ramus held Low on the LEFT Side. 65. Shotgun Technique.67. Correction of a LEFT Sacral Torsion. 69. Correction of a RIGHT Sacral Torsion. 71. Correction of a LEFT Sacral Extension. 73. Correction of a LEFT Sacral Extension.75. Correction of Flexed Sacral Torsions. 76. Correction of a L/LST. 78. Correction of a R/RST. 80. Correction of Extended Sacral Torsions. 81. Correction of a R/LST. 82. Correction of a L/RST. 83. Pelvic Inflares and Outflares. 84. Correction of a Left Inflare. 85. Correction of a Left Outflare.