Contents of the 10 Motions of the Hip

1. What is MET and how to apply it
2. what is Gamma Gain and how to use it
3. how to stretch a muscle using the antagonist/agonist method
4. What is the role of a muscle
5. What is the capsular pattern of the hip
6. 10 Motions of the hip
a. Flexion
b. Abduction
c. Adduction
d. Internal rotation
e. External rotation
f. Hamstring lenght in neutral
g. Hamstring lenght with internal rotation of the hip
h. Hamstring length with external rotation of the hip
i. Prone hip extension. Rectus Femoris lenght
j. Prone hip extension with abduction. Psoas length

7. TFL using a myofascial technique
8. Tricks and tips on recurrent hamstring injuries.
9. Conneely's point of the hamstrings
10. Firing patterns of: Hamstring/Gluteal/ Erector Spinae
11. Firing patterns of: TFL/Gluteus Medius/Quadratus Lumborum
12. What is inhibition
13. What is Not inhibition
14. The BIG difference between the two.
15. 9 Point Flexibility test
16. The 3 Main Tests for SI joint dysfunction.- WADE, READ, WEBER
17. 6 motions of the pelvis.

15. More as time permits.

This workshop is a busy full day workshop.